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Lovership, We Are Sacred Space. [Pride]
sokari ekine
Jun 13, 2019
Julia Sangodare Roxanne Wallace and Alexis Pauline Gumbs – the fourth in the series transformation of silence into action whether through speech, words, images or performance.

"We are sacred space. We amplify love for one another, as each other. This love is infinite. It is divine. It is serene. It is always present. It exists above and beyond and before and after and in and through all of existence. And how we be together gives us more and more access to love through our everyday relating to one another. The way we relate to each other is set apart for the specific purpose of growth in this life and becoming more of who we are. It is not always easy but it is always an opportunity for more growth and grace. Love requires us to use the skills that we have and grow skills such as patience, communication, surrender, accountability, grace and more. We grow together. The love and peace we facilitate within our couple gives us more access to it everywhere else; and more access to it just existing on the planet. Our loveship is a sacred pact with our ancestors and all the energies that created us to raise the vibration of the species, to inspire a world filled with love. A home for healing, hope and hallelujah. Because we affirm each other and support each other we are infinitely at home where ever we are." 

Peace and Love, Sangodare and Alexis

Sokari Ekine

Sokari Ekine is a Queer Nigerian British Feminist, diasporic nomad, visual scholar, and activist, writer, educator seeking out new possibilities and ways of being beyond the normative and hegemony of whiteness, heterosexuality and native informers.
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