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Queer Art Online Marketplace
sokari ekine
Jun 30, 2021
Location: New Orleans
"This year, the Book & Print Fair doubles in size, hosting a record 60+ participants from Queer|Art’s artist network. The digital fair features an abundance of works for perusal and purchase, including (but not limited to) artist books, novels, zines, poetry chapbooks, drawings, photographs, watercolors, garments, collages, and prints. 100% of the proceeds from the fair directly benefits the participating artists."
PLEASE SUPPORT LGBTI QUEER ARTISTS BY purchasing prints, books, art work by me and other queer artists.  
Sokari Ekine — QUEER | ART

Sokari Ekine

Sokari Ekine is a Queer Nigerian British Feminist, diasporic nomad, visual scholar, and activist, writer, educator seeking out new possibilities and ways of being beyond the normative and hegemony of whiteness, heterosexuality and native informers.
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